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If you handle, transport, store, export, import, grow, produce, package, purchase, sell, distribute, consume or utilize environmentally sensitive products, you should be using data loggers. At first, the push for data logger and temperature label use came from either the sender or receiver of these types of products. Now, data logger use is required by more and more government agencies. These new regulations, imposed on specific industries, are becoming common. Whether your need for data loggers in your industry comes from governmental requirements or not, data loggers provide more than just cold chain safety records. The information they record can help your business in many ways.

You tell your own customers that you provide quality products. You work hard to produce a superior quality product. You have your own in-house quality controls. But, what happens to the quality of your product once it either leaves your facility or goes into storage? It still has your companyís name on it. You are still held accountable for the quality of your product even after it leaves your hands. By closely monitoring your cold chain, you can unequivocally demonstrate your commitment to quality to your customers.

If you are a grower, producer, packer, or exporter, you can guarantee that the product your customers receive is the same high quality product that you produce. Data loggers allow you to quickly identify the cause and effect of in-transit or storage quality deficiencies. And, in the end, you gain an advantage over your competitors by providing the highest quality products thereby commanding premium pricing. 

If you are a receiver or distributor you can also provide this quality guarantee to your customers. The information collected by data loggers allows you to make sure that the products you are receiving were not damaged in storage and transit.

If you are a retailer, this quality guarantee is equally important to the consumer or end user. When it comes to perishable goods, it will be your company they remember if the quality of the product you sell them isnít up to par!

Maintaining control/cold chain safety records for yourself and regulatory agencies such as the FDA and USDA is crucial when dealing with sensitive products. Data loggers not only allow you to monitor the safety of your product but also allow you to easily comply with these governmental requirements. By incorporating data loggers and temperature labels into your cold chain management system, you can cost-effectively answer consumersí growing demands for safe and traceable products. Furthermore, safety and quality go hand in hand. How can you provide a quality product if it isnít safe?

The important question here is: Are you getting what you pay for? Data loggers help you benchmark your freight and storage providers. You can make sure that your sensitive products are kept in the optimal conditions. By building long-term data records, you can identify trends. Identifying the source of quality deficiencies and holding those responsible for these deficiencies can help you correct problems and recover losses. Ultimately, the information provided by data loggers can improve your bottom line.

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Easily monitor temperature & cold chain fluctuations during shipment and storage of your temperature sensitive products. This highly accurate, stand alone, miniaturized data logger makes data retrieval quick and easy.
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