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There are several types of data loggers on the market today. Most fall under one of the following three categories: mechanical, electronic, or wireless and RFID. However, these categories can be slightly confusing or misleading, because many of them have similar features. For example, all three types are electronic devices. Additionally, data loggers can also be categorized by what they measure: temperature, humidity, shock, etc. 

So, what are the differences?

Evidencia, evidencia, DryPak, Drypak, drypak, mechanical data logger, data logger, data loggers, temperature monitor, temperature monitoring, strip chart recorder, stripchart logger, strip chart temperatureMechanical data loggers, such as Evidencia’s DryPak™ , are true stand-alone devices, meaning that you do not need a computer to operate them. Plus, the data they collect is printed directly onto paper, in the form of a strip chart, enclosed within the data logger itself. Mechanical loggers are easily started by pulling a tab and, when you are ready to review the collected data, you simply remove the strip chart. 

Evidencia, evidencia, ThermAssure, Thermassure, thermassure, cold chain, WineSafe, Winesafe, winesafe, data logger, data loggers, electronic data logger, temperature recorder, temperature monitor, temperature logger, RFID temperature, in-transit temperature recorder, temperature and humidity, multiple metrics data logger, cold chain, cold chain managementElectronic data loggers, such as Evidencia’s ThermAssure™ and WineSafe™ , require you to use a PC. By using a computer, you can do more with an electronic data logger than you can with a mechanical logger. Electronic data loggers are programmable. For example, you can choose the interval readings, meaning it will record the conditions you want to monitor every “x” number of minutes or seconds. Also, with the help of special software, you can download the recorded data onto your PC. You can organize and analyze your data and decide how you want it reported.

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Wireless data loggers, such as Evidencia’s ThermAssureRF™ , are at the cutting edge of technology. They combine all the best  features of electronic models with wireless access, remote control, and RFID temperature recording. They are extremely small, and, in the case of ThermAssureRF, no bigger than a credit card, and just as thin!

Just like the electronic loggers, they are fully programmable and easy to use. However, wireless data loggers offer even more. They are RFID recorders, cable free and allow you to remote access the data being collected. You can monitor the real-time conditions for several loggers at different locations creating the equivalent of a data logging network.

Data loggers can be built to monitor all sorts of environmental conditions. Temperature and humidity are the most common. However, when needed, data loggers can monitor much more. For instance, data loggers have been used for many years by meteorological agencies to record humidity, temperature, and rain levels. Similarly, museums have been using elaborate mechanical data loggers to monitor and control the conditions in which pieces of art are being displayed or stored.

If your needs include humidity, gas, shock, pressure, or electrical logging, Evidencia can provide you with the most accurate data loggers to meet each of those specific needs. 

If you have products with special requirements or need data loggers with particular specifications, we invite you to contact us and let us know what you need. Our engineering team will get back to you with existing solutions or a feasibility analysis.

Our ThermAssureRF allows to record and monitor temperature fluctuations & cold chain events during shipment and storage of your temperature sensitive products. This highly accurate, stand alone, miniaturized RFID temperature sensor makes data retrieval quick and easy.
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