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Isn’t this the most important question of all? You strive to offer your customers the highest quality products possible. You do this to build your customer base and increase profits. So, it is important that your customers receive the same high quality product you produced. 

How your products are shipped and stored affect your bottom line. High quality products yield higher prices and greater profits. Your commitment to safety affects your company’s reputation. How you monitor the environmental conditions in which your products are kept is fundamental. This is where data loggers and temperature labels become essential. New technology has brought advanced yet affordable solutions. However, we understand that our customers demand a return on their investment.

Evidencia’s Data Loggers and Temperature Labels are true miniaturized informants, following your delicate products along their journey of handling and transit. While keeping a record of the conditions affecting the value of your products, they provide the essential information necessary for quality, safety, and accountability. The integrity of your cold chain will be fully maintained.

Demonstrate your commitment to quality to your customers by closely monitoring your cold chain.
Quickly identify the cause and effect of in-transit quality deficiencies.
Gain an advantage over your competitors by providing the highest quality product thereby commanding premium pricing.

Maintain cold chain safety records for yourself & regulatory agencies. (FDA, USDA, etc.)
Easily comply with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) requirements.
Cost-effectively answer consumers’ growing demands for safe and traceable products.

Benchmark your freight providers. Are you getting what you pay for?
Be sure that the product your customers receive is the same high quality product that you ship.
Build long-term data records for statistical analysis. Identify trends.

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