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WineSafe is a miniaturized, battery powered, stand-alone, multiple metrics recorder designed to allow you to easily monitor temperature and humidity fluctuations over time during the shipment or storage of sensitive goods. This all-in-one, compact, portable, easy to use data logger takes up to 8,191 measurements for both humidity and temperature levels. WineSafe was designed specifically for the special needs of the wine industry. It is also frequently used for monitoring the environmental conditions in the shipment and storage of cigars.

The storage medium is non-volatile solid state memory, providing maximum data security even if the battery becomes discharged.

WineSafe is easily activated by simply pressing a recessed start button. Once started, a green LED indicator light will blink twice to indicate that the device is active. A second red LED indicator will blink at 3 second intervals if the temperature goes above or below the selected alarm settings. 

WineSafe makes data retrieval quick and easy. Simply plug it into any available COM port and our user-friendly software will do the rest!

Tobacco / Cigar

WineSafe’s Data Recorder Software is an easy to use Windows-based software package that allows you to effortlessly collect, display, and analyze data. A variety of powerful tools make it easy for you to examine, export, and organize data with just a click of the mouse. Creating and printing reports is easy! 

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Evidencia, evidencia, WineSafe, Winesafe, winesafe, data logger, data loggers, temperature and humidity, multiple metrics data logger, temperature recorder, temperature monitor, humidity recorder, humidity monitor, cold chain, cold chain management

  Easy to use
  Convenient size - fits anywhere!
  Unparalleled quality & performance
  Simple push button start
  Programmable interval readings
  Wide temperature range -20C to 70C
  Programmable alarm
  Instant out of range indication
  User-friendly software

  Verify products are stored & shipped at
       safe temperatures & humidity levels
  Benchmark your freight providers
  Build long-term data records 
       – identify trends

Temperature Sensor Semiconductor, NIST Traceable
Temperature Range -20C to 70C (-4F to 158F) 
Operating Environment -20C to +70C. (-4F to 158F)  0 to 90% 
RH non-condensing
Temperature Resolution 0.1C
Accuracy ±0.5C (-10C to +40C) / 
±1.0C (-20C to -10C & +40C to + 70C) 
5 % Humidity
One Way Model Memory 4,191 readings for each measure 
(>85 days at 1 reading x 30 min.)

Long-Life Model Memory 8,191 readings for each measure 
(>340 days at 1 reading x hour)

One Way Battery Life 90-120 days typical at 25C, 2 years unused. 
Long-Life Model: > 730 days typical at 25C, 2 years unused.
Programmable Interval 1 reading x 5 seconds to 1 reading x 4 hours, selectable in software
Alarm Programmable temperature & humidity alarms with high and low limits, selectable in software. When logged data reaches or exceeds either limit, red LED blinks every three seconds.
Start Time Push button start, user must enter start time before download
Activity Indicator Green LED blinks every 15 seconds to indicate device has been started

Dimensions 1.9” x 3.6” x 0.7” (46mm x 90mm x 18mm)
Weight 3 oz (85 g)
Computer Interface PC COM or USB port (precise the type of connection; interface cable required)

Software Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP based software

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