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Used as fundamental complements to all cold chain monitoring activities and meeting the demands of several FDA requirements, temperature labels such as ColdMark and WarmMark are conveniently available from Evidencia. These self-adhesive labels are used with products that must be stored or transported in conditions that do not exceed critical temperatures. The can be applied directly to a product, package, carton or master pack. 

For your increased safety and peace of mind, Evidencia’s temperature labels are available in irreversible models. This provides a tamperproof method of recording temperature while your goods are stored or in transit.

Importantly, ColdMark and WarmMark are guaranteed to be accurate within plus or minus 1 degree of their response temperature, the highest level of accuracy available in the industry. ColdMark and WarmMark labels are a strategic, value-added feature for your product, providing a permanent record that assures your customers of consistent quality and safety.


Specifications ColdMark™ WarmMark™ 
Available Response Temperatures -3C / 26F
0C / 32F
2C / 36F
5C / 42F
-18C, 0C, 5C, 8C,10C, 
C, 25C, 30C and 37C

F, 32F, 41F, 47F, 50F, 
F, 77F, 86F and 99F
Product Size 3 1/4" x 3/4" x 3/8 "
82.5 mm x 19 mm x 9.5 mm
1 7/8" x 3/4" x 1/8 "
46 mm x 19 mm x 3 mm 
Storage Conditions Must be stored above response temperature and not exposed to temperatures exceeding 110F/43C Must be stored above response temperature and not exposed to temperatures exceeding 110F/43C
Accuracy +/1.0C +/1.0C
Shelf Life  Two years from date of manufacture Two years from date of manufacture
Run-Out Time n/a 8 hours to 48 hours, depending on temperature model

  FDA approved
  Inexpensive yet highly effective
  Proven reliability and worldwide use
  Visual indication is fast & convenient
  Great complement to data loggers
  The most accurate in the industry
  Easy to use, no training required
  Tamper-proof & irreversible

  FDA compliance 
  Implement HACCP programs
  Meat & Seafood
  Nutritional Products 
  Diagnostic Test Kits 
  Candy (Chocolate) 
  All perishable foods
  All life science applications
  Ideal for blood & organ transfers


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