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Evidencia offers a range of standard, off-the-shelf solutions for the most common challenges of cold chain management, transit, storage and distribution. However, Evidencia also offers unique solutions, specially tailored to meet the demanding needs of some specific industries.

WineSafe™ has been specifically engineered for the growing demand of full traceability in the Wine and Beverage industries, as well as the cork and capsules. While continuing to offer standard temperature monitoring, WineSafe also monitored humidity, providing a complete package for complete cold chain management.

WineSafe is also ideal for monitoring the shipment and storage of cigars.

Data loggers are becoming even more common in the Life Sciences arena. In this industry, programmable, waterproof, and smaller data loggers are required. However, standard mechanical loggers don’t always meet these demands. Evidencia offers ThermAssureRF™ specifically for the Life Science industry. However, our ThermAssureRF can be used in any situation where sensitive products need monitoring. 

Data loggers can be built to monitor several other variables in addition to temperature. For example, data loggers have been used for many years by meteorological agencies to record humidity, temperature, and rain level. Likewise, most museums have been using elaborate mechanical data loggers to control the conditions in which priceless pieces of art are exposed or stored.

If your needs include humidity, gas, shock, pressure, or electrical logging, Evidencia can provide you with the most accurate data loggers to meet each of those specific needs. 

If you have products that have special monitoring requirements or specifications, we invite to contact us. Let us know what you need or submit your idea. Our engineering team will promptly provide you with existing solutions or a feasibility analysis.

Evidencia is also currently in the engineering process of additional solutions, many of which will be worldwide exclusive to Evidencia. Visit our website often for updates about Evidencia’s new and future data logger products.

What else makes Evidencia unique?

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