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Every company has a mission statement and they all tend to say the same thing. They promise to provide quality products and outstanding customer service. We knew Evidencia was unique but found it difficult to express it without telling you something you have heard a million times before. So, when we wrote Evidencia’s mission statement we decided not to be cliché. Instead we decided to give you the facts: the things we would like you to know.

We created Evidencia to meet the growing need for traceability. We knew that we could provide our customers with the best and most cost-effective technology available. We also knew how we could best offer these products to the industries that currently use, need to use, or will begin to use data loggers and temperature labels.

At Evidencia you will find knowledgeable and committed people. None of that, “It’s not my job.” here! We are a roll-up-our-sleeves, get the job done, keep our promises kind of team. Each member was selected not only for what they can bring to Evidencia but also, and more importantly, what they can bring to you, our valued customer. Our multi-talented and multilingual team promises to make you our number one priority.

We can sum this up in two words: NO EXCUSES.
We promise you that we will keep our promises. 
Tired of “Tomorrow, tomorrow.”? 
There’s a penalty for saying that here at Evidencia!

Our product line was developed to meet the highest demands of cold chain monitoring. We offer standard, off the shelf, data loggers and temperature labels along with unique solutions geared towards specific industries. Additionally, we continue to develop new products and improve on existing technology. We understand that you demand a return on your investment. Therefore, our main focus is on providing reliable, highly accurate, and cost-effective products that are of the most benefit to you.

We would love to hear from you!
Please call, write, email, or fax us anytime.

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